Twisting Up, Wringing Out (feat. Hannah Medina & c4g)

from by hrmnzr



Curses are never easy
bursting with the worst
blowing up and sinking
you in wounds that must be nursed

Sweating clammy palms
heart is racing fast
put her in the past
the world keeps moving on

friends are staying strong
trees keep swaying on
and it wont be long
until the world is gone

and i promise you
to tell you how i feel
if our love is real
fake or unconcealed

She tugs at my sleeve again
I'm wearing my heart in
Getting it used to the seasons
and reasons and treasons

Please stop asking for spotlight
and you're not right
you know
and you should sink back into your sinkhole
and maybe I meant that
you know

you're not that great
you seem so sad
im not trying to be bad
but you make me feel terrible

What is this hate
that burns so hot
i cant pretend you're someone you are not

Im twisting up
and wringing out
let the sound
carry love out





hrmnzr Houston, Texas


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