Tsunami [Parts 1 & 2] (feat. Saturdays on Saturn)

from by hrmnzr



(part 1)

i know you’re not the best right now
i know that times have gotten rough
i know that you and i might fall apart
i know i couldnt show enough oh just how much i love you
it’s plain to see
that you and i were meant to be
and even if it means my life i’ll be there for you time and time again
until the heavens die
ill find a way for you and i
ill find the tiniest bit of light and shine it all upon you now

let it show
i know that you’re my only
let it grow
you dont have to be so lonely
and the water
will make it better
and the waves
will make it wetter
and the storms
they come and go
but you have to stick around
so you and i can play the show

(part 2)

I needed time to stay away
I'm sure that's how it had to end

there were things that had been said and
I thought I'd never love again
what to do with the constant reminders of you

"hey, how are ya?"
"I've be fine"
senseless small talk all the time
"I've missed you"

I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused
you say it's fine but it wasn't your fault this time
I'm lonely, and overwhelmed
how can I fix this on my own

disappearing is all I'm going to do
if I can't solve my own issues
I'm sorry, for all the trouble I've caused
because it was not you
(because it was not you, how can I fix this on my own)

I am falling, downward spiral
I can't help but think about
all that life would be
when you are not near me

it's alright and I'm okay
and it's so crazy
all the ways you loved me
please stay evergreen


from Lightyears, released December 25, 2015
Music by Jamie Paige Stanley
Lyrics and vocals by Jamie Paige Stanley and Mikki Morae

Art by Anna Keefe (kingidols.tumblr.com)

Sample from episode 9, season 2 of The Eric André Show




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