Goodbye Sadness

from by hrmnzr



dear me
I know it's been long since we last talked
can you see
our relationship is sitting on jagged rocks
there's an issue here
it's something that I've always feared
my inner child needs more than I can give
there's a problem here
it's time for me to face my fears
I need to learn to love so I can live

dear you
i know it’s been long since i have talked to you
yes it’s true
without you i could be bright i would not be blue
there’s tension here
arguments i’ve always feared
depression has got me in a cage
there’s a lesson here
from people i hold near and dear
i just need to open up my ears

the lady in the middle, hair of red
“if love that’s close is love you dread
just offer love dont force it you’ll be safe”
and the man in the middle playing guitar says
“don’t you worry, buddy, 'cause you’ll go far
elephants and mice all mean the same”
and the man in the arena we all see says
“if you’re trapped, you can get free
nobody can tell you what you’re worth”
and the two girls whispering tales of love say
“put your faith in your own above
there’s nothing that’s more beautiful than you”

so goodbye sadness
i dont need to see you around no more
goodbye sadness
now you’re gone and i can open up the door


from Lightyears, released December 25, 2015
Music, lyrics, and vocals by Jamie Paige Stanley
Trombone solo by Cameron Crowley

Art by Cochet V. (




hrmnzr Houston, Texas


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