For Mikki

from by hrmnzr



silently spiraling up again
i feel it now
spectacular pouring down
aiming for anything higher than
the rain clouds
fantastical ringing out
i know there’s something better
i know it’s somewhere out there
i know if i keep looking
i’ll find it somewhere waiting

everything i do
i do it all for you
anything and everything
you know you mean the world to me
everything i do
i do it all

for mikki
sugarplum sweetie pie you’re my darling
angelface universe you’re so charming
see the world open wide
i feel the warmth and i sigh
you’re the sun in my sky
you’re the love of my life

everything coming around again
it’s wonderful
you are my whole wide world
flying around and around again
my heart is full
you are my only girl
i know there’s nothing better
than being with my sweetheart
i’ll never keep on looking
i found it out here waiting


from Lightyears, released December 25, 2015
Music, lyrics, and vocals by Jamie Paige Stanley

Art by Mikki Morae (




hrmnzr Houston, Texas


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