Boutique (feat. Jules)

from by hrmnzr



feet glued down and im still stuck just as i always have been
stuck along the sidelines cheering for the ones ahead of me
waiting for the next chance to come by, cause bye is all ive ever heard, and hurt's the only thing ive yet to know
comfort in numbers is what keeps me counting sheep, but it doesnt change the fact that when i wake ill be alone again
made me feel like this every single day, but each word you spoke made me feel like i was on ecstacy

am i wrong to think that you wanted me
i can't keep waiting, for you like this
it hurts to see you smiling so happily, dont you remember those days, down by the beach

wont you please, take my hand my dear and help me stear clear of this
do you love me, do you not? were you honest or just get caught?
i know it's all a lie by now, but how could you leave me here lying on the dirt
do i trust you, do i not? is this not over or can i stop?
can't help wanting you, thinking back to when you looked at me that way
you let go and i end up alone, lost the fight long ago

one foot forward and i start to move, one step after another, and
memories are all that's left of you, im glad to say
leaves fall down as the seasons change, and violet skies and autumn nights push me to better days, ones where i dont think of you
spent too many many hours wishing i could be the one that would be able to light up your life, i hate to admit but i can't deny it's true
windows down and im travelling to places id never thought id go
leaving the only thing i seem to know, close up shop and face the future

i keep on desperately and yet inevitably falling, falling in love again


from Lightyears, released December 25, 2015
Music by Jamie Paige Stanley
Lyrics and vocals by Julia Menyhart

Art by Shannon Murphy (




hrmnzr Houston, Texas


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