Rainbow Tip

by hrmnzr

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released October 16, 2012

Album art by Ricco (@ric_cola)




hrmnzr Houston, Texas


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Track Name: Innocence (Sailing)
say it once, i'll say it back to you
say it twice and i'll make sure that i'm through
gotta give up a little to find i'm past the door
gotta give up a little to find yet a little more

so i bounce without my energy
so i glide on through the boundless seas
and i say
can i have
just a bit
just a touch, a light
and i know i'm not gonna give it up without a fight

breathe just another day
gotta give it your all, hip hip hooray
see the little boat going up on the way
ain't nothin' that it's lackin' driftin' out in the bay

all the sun's rays beatin' down on my back
the little details, string 'em up on the rack
i got myself all sailing slow
found it all just ain't no way to go

i got myself all sailing slow
found it all just ain't no way to go

cut on through the waving waters
slip right past the sifting sands
all the docks are breaking around me
nowhere to tether me to the lands

hear the tides pounding all around me
rip through the planks leave it all behind
lost in the tempest of my onward journey
give all the strangers my goodbyes

once, i said it back to you,
and i'll say it again to make it true
all the tolls i paid i made and lost before
on the maiden voyage wrecked upon the shore

lost without my ship at sea
and the islands all surrounding lead
to paths all gone and never found again
to the ways destroyed and leaving me without a friend
Track Name: Cats and Dogs
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
all good boys and girls go to heaven
the cats and dogs may stay behind
but as long as you love them they'll be fine
singing happily along with the radio
driving around with no place to go
making up words as i go along
now here's a little melody to end the song
Track Name: Someone Else's Song (Feat. Bowman)
i’m not your man
this ain’t your fantasy
this is the life we’re living
what was your plan?
how did you fancy me?
whose shoes had i been given?

i’m a man but not your boy
i’m your fun but not your toy
i’d be glad to sing but this is someone else’s song
you can keep your autographs
but i won’t have your epitaphs
surely someone else was meant for you to sing along

i’m not your man
you’re not the one
i’ve got troubles of my own without this game that we’ve begun
you’re not my girl
just cut me loose
if you want to keep your lover you’ve got to let the choose

this ain’t no game
this ain’t no rock ‘n’ roll
this is my testimony
you run on shame
you play on push and pull
you dare to call me phony?

you’re a woman, not my girl
you’re escape but not my world
go back to the one who wrote this predetermined role
this is how i really feel
i want a catch but not a steal
i did not agree to be the one who saves your soul
Track Name: Waves
let it go
you know it will get better
let it show
its time for better weather
let it grow
the sun will make it warmer
let it flow
the bad times may be rough but the waves will come with any luck
and the water
will make it better
and the waves
will make it wetter
and the storms
they come and go
but we always stick around
just to play in the snow
and the songs
may make it sadder
but the music
wont make it badder
and the melody
may come and go
but you'll have to stick around
to meet the band right after the show

let it be
you'll have to wait and see
let it free
just brush it off your sleeve
let it breathe
and make it one less peeve
let it bleed
the cut may hurt for now but a few bandaids'll make it soft and sound
and the fire
may keep on burning
but the sky
will keep on shining
and the friends
may come and go
but you have to stick around
so you can come out and play the show
and the liars
may keep on lying
but the love
is too undying
and the bass
may keep on playing
but you'll have to stick around
just to make sure the drop comes around